Relive the Authentic Magic of Christmas

Imagine the thickest and most realistic Christmas tree and the surprised expression of those who love you. So rich in branches that it seems real!

Transform your home into an enchanted place to create magical memories.

Choose the tree for your environment​

Do you love traditional Christmas trees? You are in the right place!

Do you love Christmas atmospheres where the snow falls heavily? Get excited!

Bring some of those white and snowy landscapes where peace reigns into your home. Here is the right choice!

Do you love the magnificence of the Christmas atmosphere which welcomes you into a cuddle every year with its magical lights and decorations? Lovers!

The thickest Christmas tree on the market

This is the thickest, most authentic Christmas tree you can bring into your home. So rich in branches that it earns your wow! as soon as you open it. So beautiful to look at and realistic to the touch that you no longer want to put it away in the box of things that go away, even if only for a while.

Pleasant sensation to the touch

With its thick branches and such a realistic touch, the Giulia Grillo Christmas Tree conveys an incredible sensation of nature and reality. It will make you dream, making your home an enchanted stage in which to create new magical moments surrounded by the magic of Christmas.

Lasting over time

We made the Giulia Grillo Christmas trees with materials that last over time. From year to year, the Christmas tree will become an increasingly magical and precious treasure chest. It will be there, firm and always present, ready to welcome your most intimate emotions, gather the family, celebrate love and sharing.

Easy to assemble

The umbrella opening makes assembling and dismantling the Christmas tree quick and easy. In a few minutes, the whole environment will be enveloped in magic.

With the Giulia Grillo Tree you will have more time to dedicate to enjoying the magical Christmas atmosphere.

Why more than 1,000 customers choose Giulia Grillo

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Christmas tree Giulia Grillo

Giulia Grillo was born from that mission that we immediately had clear: to develop the online sale of our products independently and autonomously, so as to be able to have direct contact with all our customers.

This is essential for us, because it allows us to guarantee both the quality of the products we select to characterize your environments and a punctual, personal and direct assistance service.

Furthermore, establishing ourselves online independently is the key to avoiding any form of intermediation in sales. In this way we are sure to guarantee you the best quality control and the right economic value of the design products you will purchase.

Big and Realistic Christmas Tree

Entering your home is a source of pride for us and requires great responsibility.

We are aware of it.

We want to be there. With a taste for refinement, with the wonder of design. We want to embellish your environments with brushstrokes full of uniqueness and character.

What values guide us in our choices?

The first track we follow and from which we never deviate is that of quality. This, combined with refinement, is the criterion with which we decide which design products to bring to your home.

To guarantee you uniqueness and that dream that becomes material, we are constantly looking for new ideas, new trends, and still unexplored fashions.

This is where the relationship we want to build with you begins. A direct, clear relationship that is based on the credibility and reliability of our company.

Because we want it to last over time.

Why choose Giulia Grillo?

Choosing Giulia Grillo for your home means deciding to live in a unique atmosphere, to navigate near and far worlds, to discover new essences.

It is flying gracefully along the route of ideas. Unique. Innovative. Research.

So then our world is also your world if...

You love design and believe in innovation

You embrace the idea of simple luxury

You love the quality, the design, the refinement

The relationship with us and also respect for shipping times are essential for you.

The Giulia Grillo Christmas Tree is for you if:

At Christmas you look for poetry

You are a practical person who loves comfort

You are looking for a tree that conveys the feeling of truth

You love lush, full, thick, needle-free Christmas trees

Are you looking for a tree that is easy to assemble and disassemble

You don't want to have problems with plugs, sockets and double and triple sockets.

And, importantly, all Giulia Grillo Christmas trees are guaranteed for 2 years.

Explore our collection of elegant Christmas trees

Browse our vast assortment of designer, elegant, quality Christmas trees that look real. You'll find a variety of sizes, styles and decoration options to perfectly fit your space and tastes. Whether you prefer a tall, impressive Christmas tree or a more compact model, we're sure we have what's right for you.

If for you Christmas is authentic magic, if you adore elegance and refinement, these are the Christmas trees that will win your heart. In an explosion of joy and magic.