Where matter meets the dream.

That's the promise we make you.

Because here you will always find the matter that comes true to the dream, the stability that frees the legume, the roots that sink and the wings that rise.

Every time you open the doors of our e-shop, you will experience an environment caressed by the sweet and fresh breeze of design, an environment where the refinement grows thick and lush and dreams come true.

Giulia Grillo it is air and water, it is fire, it is earth, it is space. It's the dream come true.

We're Aria.

Because, light and light, we are constantly moving.

We're Water.

Because here ideas fluctuate fast, always new.

We're Fire.

Because we live in perennial transformation.

We're Earth.

Because we plant solid, stable roots.

We're Space.

Because here all ideas and dreams take shape.

Because this is where the dream meets matter.

And it comes to life.

Our mission

Giulia Grillo born of that mission that we had immediately clear: to develop the online sale of our products independently and autonomously, so that we can have a direct contact with all our customers.

This is essential for us, because it allows us to guarantee you both the quality of the products we select to characterize your environments is a punctual, personal and direct service.

Moreover, asserting us online independently is the key to avoid any form of intermediation in the sale. This way we are sure to guarantee you the best quality control and the right economic value of the design products you will acquire.

Our values

Entering your house is for us reason of pride and requires great liability.

We are aware of that.

We want to be there. With the taste of refinement, with the wonder of design. We want to embellish your environments with brushstrokes rich in uniqueness and character.

What values guide us in our choices?

The first track we follow and from which we never get away is that of quality. This, combined with research, is the criterion with which we decide which design products to get to your home.

To guarantee you uniqueness and that dream that matters, we are constantly at search for new ideas, of new trends, of still unexplored modes.

It is from here that the report that we want to build with you. A direct, clear relationship based on the credibility and reliability of our company.

Because we want it to last in time.

Why choose Giulia Grillo?

Choose Giulia Grillo for your home is to decide to live in a unique atmosphere, to navigate nearby and distant worlds, to discover unpublished essences.

It is flying legumes along the course of ideas. Uniche. Innovative. Search.

Well, then our world is also your world if.

  • Love design and believe in innovation
  • Marry the idea of a simple luxury
  • Adore quality, design, refinement
  • The relationship with us and also the respect of shipping times for you are essential.

Do you want to enter our world and sail into this sea magnum of design, refinement and ideas?

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